T10 plenary: Request to review status of T11.5 SM-HBA

Bob.Nixon at emulex.com Bob.Nixon at emulex.com
Tue Apr 11 15:48:45 PDT 2006

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I would like to request 15 minutes of time at the May 2006 T10 plenary
meeting for R. Krithivas of Intel, the editor of the T11.5 SM-HBA draft
standard, to summarize SM-HBA for T10 membership.  While apologizing for a
request that extends the T10 plenary meeting beyond its necessary
administrative functions, one of those functions is liaison. T11.5 has neared
completion of draft standard SM-HBA, and believes it is an interesting
subject for liaison.  The grounds of common interest is the major feature of
SM-HBA, which is extending the HBA API defined for Fibre Channel/FCP to
include consistent management of SAS HBAs as well.
   - bob nixon, SM-HBA chair

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