Making the basic queuing model obsolete

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Hi Mark,
Some of HP's future tape drive products will use the basic task
management model.  It makes little sense to support the full task
management model in some streaming devices.
Michael Banther
Hewlett-Packard Ltd.
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Subject: Making the basic queuing model obsolete
There has been discussion both in and out of T10 meetings for several
meeting cycles now about making the basic queuing model obsolete.  No
one in these discussions has reported that they are aware of any devices
that currently use this model.	Does anyone know of any future plans for
any devices to use this model?	 If I don't hear a resounding, "YES!"
|from someone in the next day or so, I'll add a work item to my list to
create a proposal to make this model be obsolete.  Obviously, if there
are existing devices that use this model, those devices may continue to
use it as described in today's standards.
Mark Evans
Maxtor Corporation
500 McCarthy Boulevard
Milpitas,  CA  95035

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