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Tue Sep 20 10:00:18 PDT 2005

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Dear all,

Microsoft would like to withdraw the LOW proposal at this time.

Please also accept the following minor clarifications to the Microsoft
(multi-session) proposal:

* Suggestion to use single bit in lead-in area of blue-laser layer for
hybrid discs to indicate hybrid disc status.
  - Separate glass master for hybrid and blue-laser-only discs (blue
  + One glass master for legacy layer for single and hybrid discs (red

* Use of fixed 9GB start LBA for blue-laser formats when using a hybrid
  + Allows either CD or DVD-ROM as legacy layer.
  + Allows either BD or HD-DVD as blue layer.
  - May cause some LBAs to have no physical sector.
  + Simplifies logical unit logic.

Thank you,

Henry Gabryjelski

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