[T11.3] [T11.3][T10]: re: Possible error in FCP-3 document

Neil Wanamaker ntw20 at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 9 12:26:48 PDT 2005

I believe this to be a matter of gilding the lily at some time in the past.

For an REC request, a response of "Invalid OX_ID/RX_ID combination" is 
meaningful, and indicates
that the target has no knowledge of this operation (presumably due to a 
lost FCP_CMND).

If one goes back to FCP-2 rev. 4, the specified responses to an SRR request 
were an FCP_ACC,
indicating that the target would perform the requested retransmission, and 
FCP_RJT, indicating
that the target could not perform the request. It was immaterial to the 
initiator whether the request
could not be performed because it no longer had any knowledge of the 
operation, or for other causes;
if an FCP_RJT was received it was necessary to resort to exchange-level 
recovery. Hence only one
reject reason code and explanation was provided.

Neil Wanamaker
ntw20 at earthlink.net

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