Katata action item- Comparison chart2

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Dear Katata-san, Dear Henry, Dear all,

I understand that gathering the type and size of each format later will
cause the mount to be slow for Nero proposal. However I wonder how work then
Panasonic proposal to respond to a read dvd structure describing all the
format layers. Is then the mount quick but the response to read dvd
structure very slow? Also, how slow is very slow, is this twice the usual
time for a disc with two format layer?

I believe Microsoft intend to have the information about all layers
pre-recorded on each layer so that there is no slow mount problem (at the
expense of a physical specification change). Is that right Henry?

Also, Katata-san write "To show all contents on the disc, FS implementation
change is required." for Nero proposal. But, isn't it the case also for
Panasonic proposal? Both proposals have the capability to select the current
format layer for the FS so I think the problem either affect both solutions
or none.

Best regards,

David Burg.

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Hi all,

I add Nero proposal.
Please send any comments.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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