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Hello Henry,

The adopted function in START STOP UNIT command for Format-layer jumping
always act as immediate even if the IMMED bit is zero.

Katata-san's diagram is not correct.

Best Regards,

Harry Ai
Panasonic AVC Networks Company
Osaka, Japan

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> Katata-san,
> I think the error path shown for IMMED=0 is correct.  That is, once the
> parameters of the command have been successfully validated, the
> operation occurs even if the medium cannot be read (i.e. not ready state
> with format layer B).
> Thanks,
> .
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> Hello all,
> I had an external comment and 3 internal comments.
> An external comment is that my chart is not state diagram. No it is not
> total state diagram. It is a chart to confirm the operation and response
> of
> Start Stop Unit command with Layer=1. As I wrote in Agenda, Ai san of
> Panasonic will make Hybrid disc description for Fuji document. My
> document
> is a just confirmation of Pioneer understanding.
> According to 3 internal comments, I add the second page. Could you check
> the 3 questions in the second page and send me your comments.
> Best regards,
> Keiji Katata
> (See attached file: operation and

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