T10 Reflector clean up

John Lohmeyer lohmeyer at t10.org
Wed Oct 12 09:21:48 PDT 2005

* From the T10 Reflector (t10 at t10.org), posted by:
* John Lohmeyer <lohmeyer at t10.org>
It is time again to clean up the T10 Reflector. The following addresses have bounced consistently since the last clean up:

Addresses removed:

    qzhang at ariodata.com
    nelumeze at WIC2.co.lsil.com
    turudic at agere.com
    dschulte at vitesse.com
    Steve_Wirtz at i-tech.com
    T10Reflector at i-tech.com
    shankle at vitesse.com
    samer at vitesse.com
    lfarrell at cissc.canon.com
    Khoi.Nguyen at qlogic.com
    dougw at techie.com
    fdutton at qlogic.com
    John.Worden at seagate.com
    walter.corley at methode.ie
    Hawks at iomega.com
    pat.mcgarrah at quantum.com
    mark.payne at quantum.com
    Alan.Selling at Quantum.com
    mitch_becker at cnt.com
    bill_gray at maxtor.com
    dap at sbs.com

These people may re-subscribe (hopefully, with a better address) by sending an email to majordomo at t10.org with the following line in the message body:

  subscribe t10


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