Clarification from SAS 1.1 Standard (T10/1601-D)

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Thu Oct 6 09:30:46 PDT 2005

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I have 3 spec clarification questions:

1) Section  I read this section in 2 possible ways.  Could I 
please get an answer to which reading is correct?

    * Reading 1 - The expander will perform a hard reset on all of the
      other phys within the port, but not on any of the phys external to
      the port.  I think this is the intended reading.
    * Reading 2 - The expander will not perform a hard reset on any
      other phys, even in the same port.

2) Section refers to a Tx Identify Address Frame request 
being a gating item to this state transition.  I am unclear where this 
request originates, and under what circumstances.  Table K.5 seems to 
indicate it comes from the Management Application layer, but the 
conditions for this request are unclear to me.  Could I please get an 
explanation of the conditions for this Tx Identify Address Frame request?

3) I have found no change bars in revision 10 of this document.  Does 
that mean it is identical to revision 9E?

Thanks for the clarifications.

Dave Bergman
Dallas Semiconductor
dbergman at
(972) 371-3112

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