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Hello all,
I have two items.

Fuji6 closing:

There is no objection about "Confirmation of Link size reporting (11/8)".
So this issue has been closed.
Today Kohda-san has uploaded Fuji6 Rev.0.99 to Fuji FTP. Rev. 0.99 has one
addition. Please refer to "17.24 READ DISC STRUCTURE command" on page 559.
At the second paragraph from the bottom of the page, "FFh" is changed to
"C0h- FFh". This was discussed in MMC5. I think this is not technical
change but a reservation of the code range for such purposes in future use.

I would like to propose that Fuji group starts the final review of the
document in a month and Fuji group starts the final voting to approve the
document as Fuji6 Rev. 1.00. The end of voting is Dec. 26th. Please review
the document and check the technical items. If there is no problem, please
vote to 'Yes' till Dec. 26th. Of course, any comment to the document is
appreciated. If those comments were editorial things, we may continue this
voting by Dec. 26th.

I believe that Fuji 6 activity is closed (officially it will be Dec. 26th).
Thank you for your participation. Many T10 members, thank you for your

Fuji7 opening:

Toshiba has proposed to start Fuji7 in the last meeting at Austin, US.
Currently, Fuji7 has two discussion items. They are new HD DVD disc and
DVD-RW Dual layer disc. So I would like to propose to start Fuji7 today.
I also would like to propose to use current Fuji email reflector and
current Fuji FTP site tentatively. Tentatively, I will take chairmanship
till the first Fuji7 plenary meeting.
Toshiba will announce the first HD DVD SWG meeting of Fuji7 soon. After the
SWG, I will call the first plenary Fuji7 meeting. (It may be in Japan.)

Please prepare your project proposal if you have other than above two
items. Please post it to Fuji reflector.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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