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Confirmation of Link size reporting in Incremental Streaming Writable

Hello all,
In Nov. Fuji meeting, members discussed Link size reporting in Incremental
Streaming Writable feature. We temporary concluded as follows.

Definition of Link size:
The minimum additional consumption of user data area except padding of
unrecorded user data sectors in the last ECC block that is performed at the
end of the user data recording.

Clarification of Link size reporting:
Even if Zero is only one Link size, it shall be listed in Link size field.

Please check above definition and clarification. If you have objection,
please send your objection and technical reasons to reflector by Nov. 22nd.
If there is not technical problem, this definition and clarification will
be incorporated into Fuji6 rev. 0.99.

Please send your question or editorial comment to reflector too.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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