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We are beginning to see more participation by host-side people.  In the May
T10 meetings, we had a Veritas representative in the SMC-3 working group
and both Veritas and Dell in the SSC-3 working group.  T10 is in the
process of contacting ISVs directly to solicit their participation.

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> Application clients could be a fair bit smarter with
> information like this (assuming it is accurate).
> I hope SCSI device firmware folks are reading ...

Curious remark.

1) From my perspective, the main obstacle to more rapid progress in
places like this is the absence of host folk - to my eye, we seem awash
with device firmware folk like me, all agreeing with each other over
how mystically buggy the hosts are.  Yes, many SCSI device firmware
folk are lurking here.  (Though how many SPI vs. FireWire vs. USB vs.
ATAPI vs. SATAPI etc. etc. etc. is harder to know.)


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