Reserved field validation

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Wed May 25 18:02:16 PDT 2005

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In SPC-3 (actually for a long time pre-SPC-3), it's been stated that:
"If a logical unit validates reserved CDB fields and receives a 
reserved field within the CDB that is not zero, then the logical unit 
shall terminate the command with CHECK CONDITION status..."

So what I'm wondering is... Is there a way to find out from a device 
if it does said validation?  In other words is there some way to 
inquire from the device to see if it does reserved field validation, 
other than of course sending a CDB with non-zero values in reserved 
fields and seeing if I get a check condition.  I would prefer an 
non-"trial and error" method to get a affirmative confirmation/denial 
of this option.

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