SMC-3 approved document 05-070r1 is an editorial mess

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Wed May 25 05:35:44 PDT 2005

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The SMC-3 minutes note the approval of 05-070r1 for inclusion
in a new revision of SMC-3.

A quick review of the approved document shows several problems
that will be a Letter Ballot comments gold mine.

 o The field is called SERVICE ACTION, not ACTION CODE.
 o It is not possible to make the low order bit of the
   SERVICE ACTION field Obsolete for two reasons:
   a) The command is not defined in a previous SMC-3
   b) The format of the SERVICE ACTION field is defined
      in SPC-x and the low order bit is not Obsolete.
   The Obsolete bit must be removed and the SERVICE ACTION
   code values (in table x+1) revised accordingly, i.e.,
   0h - 1h -- Reserved (or Vendor Specific, take your choice)
   2h      -- Open import/export element for operator access
   3h      -- Reserved (or Vendor Specific, take your choice)
   4h      -- Close import/export element

Personally, I have no problems with the SMC-3 editor making
these corrections when 05-070r1 is incorporated. I cannot
speak to the opinions of the SMC-3 working group.

All the best,


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