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Hello Kohda-san,

Regarding LJA of Reserved RZone at second bullet on page 4, I mentioned
the current Physical specification allows to set this field to either
00h or End sector number of Layer 0, and Pioneer claimed that it shall
not be set to zero.

To be this limitation mandatory, Physical specification must be amended.
I think we decided this was also Pioneer's action item.

Takaharu Ai
Panasonic AVC Networks Company
Osaka, Japan

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> Dear all,
> I have placed the May Mt.Fuji meeting minutes on the following FTP site.
> Please note that the minutes only describes Mt. Fuji portion though the
> second day of the meeting was Fuji/MMC joint.
> And I have one update information regarding the future plan (Agenda item
> 9).
> In May 20 (Fri), Mt. Fuji editors and MMC chair had an editors session.
> We have completed editorial action items listed on the minutes and the
> schedule for rev.0.9 publication is now possible to be shorten.
> Current updated schedule is as follows:
> May 27 (Fri):     Mt. Fuji Ver.6 Rev 0.9 publication
> May 27-June 27:   Rev.0.9 Review period
> June 28 (Tue):    Mt. Fuji Ver.6 Rev 1.0 publication
> Best Regards,
> ---
> Takeshi Kohda

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