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Thu May 12 18:20:31 PDT 2005

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Dear Bill, Dear Tanikawa-san,

I will not be able to join the Mt. Fuji and MMC meetings on behalf of Nero
next week. My grand mother died and I will return to France for the burial.

For HD-DVD, I joined the HD DVD SWG meeting this week and the new proposal
for HD-DVD-R from Toshiba addresses the concern for mastering software Nero
had with the previous proposal. The new proposal looks good.

For DVD-R DL LJR, Nero is still concern by the impossibility to read the
previous borders (including remapped blocks) from a multi-border disc and
the original data from remapped blocks. We would like either an additional
(e.g. ORIG) flag in the read command to allow to read the original data to
create a real 1:1 copy, or a send dvd structure to temporarily turn the
remapping off. Nero may work on a proposal but would like to know which type
of solution would be preferred by the Mt. Fuji group prior to create a

For TSR, I sent earlier to the Mt. Fuji reflector the result of the
consultation of host companies. After discussion of TSR in HD-DVD SWG this
week, I think we should study the performance gain of TSR based on HD-DVD
jump performance model. Then we could answer to the video stream playback
concern, know if a hardware-only solution is viable or not, know how
important is the TSR gain.

For BD, Nero is concerned by the definition of VNR bit as in the previous
BD-R proposal document. We find the current definition confusing. Miss-usage
of the VNR bit (like setting VNR to 1 and not performing verify pass) could
let to user data loss and this is not acceptable. The definition shall make
clear that this bit should be use only for new (blank) media. We would be
also satisfied if the definition of the bit said that the logical unit shall
ignore the bit and perform the recommended verification pass when the medium
contained already data when loaded.

Best regards,

David Burg

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