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	I am confused by your issue.  This only thing you need to check is
word 206 bit 2.  If it is 0, you can't use LBA Segment Access.  If it is 1,
you can.  The method of detection is contained in the technical report.

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You are correct in stating that there is no documented standard
way to 'enable or disable' SCT LBA Segment Access, but there <is> a
documented way for the device to separately report that
     a) it supports (or not) SCT (in general)     <and>
     b) is supports (or not) SCT LBA Segment Access

It is vendor unique whether or not there is a way to change the settings
of these bits.

Please refer to the SCT Technical report (1701DT rev 5, page 5)
      IDENTIFY DEVICE, word 206
      bit 0 = SCT Feature set supported (includes SCT status)
      bit 2 = LBA Segment Access (AC2) supported

I request that the SAT document needs to address what to do if bit 0 is set
to one
and bit 2 is cleared to zero.

Thank You !!!
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(from Curtis Stevens' notes of the discussion at the SAT meeting May 3

1. OPCODE - Is there a preferred hierarchy of choices for implementation?
      If a device does not support SCT, is there a preference for the other

      Committee Respose:
      a. Wording was changed to reference SCT LBA Segment Access.
      There is no enable or disable for this capability.

3. Please clarify the meaning of "device implements SCT".  See 1a above.

4. What if the ATA device (target) 'supports' SCT, but does not have it (or
the LBA Segment Access subcommand) enabled?

Committee Response:
      There is enable/disable for SMART, but there is no enable or disable
for SCT.

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