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I am unable to attend the SAT meeting this week, but would like to comment
SAT proposal 05-177r0 regarding 'write same' translation.

I would greatly appreciate a reply (separate from the minutes) from the SAT
group regarding
the outcome of the discussion of this proposal.

Thank You !!!
Jim Hatfield
Seagate Technology LLC
   e-mail:  James.C.Hatfield at
   s-mail:  389 Disc Drive;  Longmont, CO 80503 USA
   voice:  720-684-2120
   fax....:  720-684-2711

field       comment
OPCODE      Is there a preferred hierarchy of choices for implementation ?
            If a device does not support SCT, is there a preference
                  for the other 2 choices ?

            Is it worth putting "(NCQ)" next to the term "WRITE FPDMA

            Please clarify the meaning of "device implements SCT".
            a)  What if the ATA device (target) 'supports' SCT, but does
                  have it (or the LBA Segment Access subcommand) enabled ?

            Please change the SCT reference
                  from  Long Segment Access
                  to    LBA Segment Access

            Please add a reference to the SCT technical report to the
            'References under development' section of the main SAT

            ATA devices typically do not support protection information.

            This field is correctly marked as U = Unimplemented

            ATA devices typically do not support protection information.

            Please mark these fields as U = Unimplemented

            This field is correctly marked as U = Unimplemented

            1)    Mark this field as E = Emulated

            2)    "...If the NUMBER OF BLOCKS is not zero, the SATL shall
                  write the number of sectors specified to the device."

                  Please change the wording to clarify:
                  a) The SATL will only write ONE block to the device,
                        as sent to it by the initiator
                  b)  This field indicates how many blocks starting from
                        LOGICAL BLOCK ADDRESS are to be written
                        with the single sector of data from the initiator.

                  This is consistent with the SCT LBA Segment Acccess
                  and with the obsolete ATA 'write same' command.

            3)    ..."if the NUMBER OF BLOCKS field is greater ..."

                  a) This seems to be a very awkward way of saying that if
                        the LOGICAL BLOCK ADDRESS plus the NUMBER OF BLOCKS
                        is greater than the largest LBA supported by the
                        then the SATL may terminate the command

                        Can some better wording be chosen ?

                  b)    Watch for devices that support 48-bit LBAs, but do
not have
                        48-bit mode enabled, and for devices that do not
support 48-bit LBAs at all.

                  c)    "... the SATL may terminate..."

                        i)   How about something more deterministic like
'shall' ?

                        ii)  or is it the responsibility of the ATA device
to check itself and
                              terminate a bad request from the SATL ?


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