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Please note that the May MMC Ad Hoc meeting will be sponsored by Pioneer at
their facility in Tokyo.

Kind Regards,
Bill McFerrin

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Hello Bill-san,

Sorry for the delay of my response.
I took a week-long holiday and come back to office today.
I was off-line during the holiday.

Yes. Pioneer is pleased to host May MMC ad-hoc meeting.

Here is the detail:

Date: May 17 and 18, 2005
Time: 10:00am - 18:00pm (The entrance opening time is 9:30 am)
Place: PIONEER PAX building, 1-1 meeting room, Meguro, Tokyo Japan
Access information:

Please inform this to T10 and Fuji reflectors.
Best regards,
Takeshi Kohda

2005/03/28 23:30, "Bill McFerrin" <billmc at tstar.net> wrote:
> Dear Kohda-san,
> If you are still able to sponsor the MMC adhoc meeting in May, please let
>  me
> know so that I may announce to the reflectors.
> Thank you,
> Bill McFerrin

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