Distributed documents in March MMC & Mt.Fuji Joint meeting

takeshi_kohda at post.pioneer.co.jp takeshi_kohda at post.pioneer.co.jp
Mon Mar 14 22:54:58 PST 2005

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MMC WG and Mt. Fuji group had a joint meeting in March 7-9 in Dana Point,
CA. (March 9 was pure MMC).

I have placed the materials distributed in the joint meeting in the
following FTP directory.


The approved February Mt. Fuji meeting minutes are placed in:


Regarding the March meeting minutes, they are not only for Mt. Fuji meeting
but also for MMC WG.
Mr. McFerrin, the chair of MMC, will post it to Mt. Fuji reflector as well
as T10 submission.

Best Regards,
Takeshi Kohda

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