Minutes SAS-1.1 PHY WG teleconference March 3, 2005

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 Rob and all,
I believe the impact of skew directly on jitter is small.  I believe a more serious issue is the resulting common mode voltage, which has impact on EMI as well as other signal integrity aspects.  If I've got my trig right, the common mode voltage, Vcmpp, resulting from intra-pair skew, S, of a signal with dif'l voltage, Vdpp, is:
 Vcmpp = Vdpp * sin [ (pi / 2) * (S / 1UI) ],   (approximately, depending on waveshape)
 Hence, 25 ps of skew in a 1600mVdpp, 3Gb/s signal causes 1600*sin[1.57*(25/333)] = 188mVpp of common mode voltage.
Elliott, Robert (Server Storage) wrote:
 I've posted 05-098r0 which proposes slightly increasing the external (InfiniBand-based) cable length intra-pair skew allowance from 20 ps to 25 ps.  The higher the number, the more impact on the jitter budget.
 Cable manufacturers: please investigate what your cables provide today.
Rob Elliott, elliott at hp.com 
Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology 

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The minutes are posted at: 

Items of critical concern for next week's meeting: 

New item - Maximum intra-pair skew requirement for external cables. 
Current specification is 20 pS. Is this number achievable? What can the cables be supplied to? What can the receiver devices tolerate? 

05-075r0  OOB Signal Transmitter Requirements [Wanamaker] 

T10/05-079r1     SAS-1.1 Minimum XR/IR Receiver Signal Level for 3Gb SATA Mode [Olawsky] 

05-084r0     SAS 1-1 Compact Connectors (Internal and External) [Neer] 
Proposal posted 2/23/05. It does not include electrical performance requirements. Is this assumed to be the same as the existing tables? SATA I/O adopted the Molex versions as the plan of record on 3/2. 
Rob Elliott has posted an addition item concerning the use of OOB pins. 
Concerns over ability to resolve all issues before SAS 1.1 letter ballot. Rob has details on timing and concerns list. 

See minutes for additional items and details. 

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