ADC: MUP desired behavior

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 Hi Kevin,

I agree with Paul.

Michael Banther
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Hi, Kevin.

My opinion is that if the drive (not automation) front panel allows
confirmation that the inserted cartridge is indeed a microcode
cartridge, then that should be considered equivalent to setting the MUE
bit and the update should proceed.  I guess that means that the
protection is against your first option, automated insertion, although
"unconfirmed insertion"
might be a better term for what's being prevented.

Perhaps in ADC-2 we should amend the description to include means =
the scope of the standard, blah blah blah.


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ADC guru's,

The MUP bit is defined as:
<< A microcode update protect (MUP) bit set to one shall prevent the DT
device from performing a microcode update process upon the loading of a
medium containing a microcode image. A MUP bit set to zero shall not
prevent the DT device from performing a microcode update process upon
the loading of a medium containing a microcode image. >>

Is the intent of this bit only to protect against automated insertion =
is it also intended to protect against manual attempts such as through =
drive maintenance panel (i.e. A user manually sets the drive for a =
update through a drive panel and then a cartridge is inserted)?


Kevin D. Butt
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