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So do I (prefer not to use the free and fixed).  Should we start the dialog with EIA (and I suspect ISO and IEC) on the point or just ignore then and go about our business?  After all they are only the normative standards for the connectors.

The free and fixed terminology is defined specifically for every connector interface.  Fixed does not map with receptacle or plug unless defined that way for that particular connector interface.  So one connector could have free receptacles and another could have fixed receptacles.  Is that confusing?  I think so hence why I agree with your preference but probably not with the best course of action.

The best course of action appears to me to be either (1) purge the free/fixed out of all specifications including EIA,ISO,IEC or (2) to carry the free/fixed along with the plug/receptacle when even it is used.  The latter is far easier to pull off.

Cheers, Bill

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The fixed and free has problems in SAS with introduction of the compact 4x 
internal connector and cable system. This system has the opposite genders 
|from the existing SFF-8484 internal 4x system, thus, if fixed and free 
follow the gender, the fixed on one system would be the free on the other. 
Cable receptacle and cable plug give a clear description of the two 
different systems with the least amount of words. Fixed and free seem to 
have little merit, but like you said, it is a flawed system and I believe 
the confusion caused by it is greater than the benefit. I prefer to avoid 
the fixed and free designations.

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