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Tue Mar 1 12:25:50 PST 2005

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Hi Alvin,

> The descriptions of SAS external cable plug and
> SAS internal cable receptacle without adding free
> to the name are complete.

Table 22 is invaluable, and my proposal was intended to complement it with consistent naming. Plug still connotates cable/free to me so making it explicit for fixed applications seemed helpful. 

The current names are a combination of explicit and implicit features, and here's the table I started with (the implicit features are in all-caps). 

  FIXED INTERNAL         SAS plug                            
  free  internal         SAS internal cable receptacle       
  FIXED INTERNAL         SAS backplane receptacle            
  free  external         SAS external cable plug             
  FIXED external         SAS external receptacle             
  FIXED internal         SAS internal wide plug              
  free  internal         SAS internal wide cable receptacle  

The current names are not inaccurate. 

There is no technical issue with leaving them the way they are. 

All the best,


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