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Hi Bill,

I don't know what the sexual inferences and political correctness is all about, they were not factors in my proposal for new names.

> For example plug (free) and receptacle (fixed)...

Free and fixed in parentheses implies a synonym but the synonym fails because two of the three SAS cables use receptacle connectors. It takes four (maybe five soon) characteristics to specify each connector.

   Fixed or Free         (location)
   Internal or External  (shielding)
   Plug or Receptacle    (mating)
   nothing or Wide       (4-lane)
   nothing or Compact    (size)     [the Molex connector]

There is a redundancy in the names e.g. the 'Cable' in SAS Free Internal Cable Receptacle Connector is redundant, and was kept because it felt 'right'.

All the best,


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