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Actually the fixed and free terms were chosen to avoid conflict with EIA terminology and have nothing to do with political correctness or sexual inferences.  The only issue that I know of on this topic is consistency with SFF and other connector documents.  Personally I prefer plug and receptacle in cases where there is clearly a plug and receptacle based on the physical features of the connector.  Some connectors have both plug properties (i.e., protruding contacts) and receptacle properties (i.e., features designed to accept the plug in the mated condition) so the designation as plug or receptacle may not be as clear as one might think.

Probably the best solution is to use both terms.  For example plug (free) and receptacle (fixed) or whatever applies.

Cheers, Bill

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Item 1 of this proposal has been included in r1 of 05-023. This revision 
corrects the figure reversal.

Regarding item 2, I suggest that we do not change the naming of the 
clauses and figures. The recommendation is only a partial solution, as the 
retention of the words plug and receptacle, per my understanding, does not 
satisfy the intended political correctness that fixed and free are 
supposed to bring by removing any sexual connotation. The bottom line is 
that plug and receptacle are very descriptive names for the connector 
physical attributes while fixed and free relate to usage (fixed location 
or free to move to another location) and have no relationship to the 
connector physical description.

Test from 05-059r0:

Item 2: Recommendation

Explicit and consistent titling of the clauses and figures as per the 
following (or similar). and Figure SAS Fixed Internal Plug Connector and Figure SAS Free Internal Cable Receptacle Connector and Figure SAS Fixed Internal Backplane Receptacle Connector and Figure SAS Free External Cable Plug Connector and Figure SAS Fixed External Receptacle Connector and Figure SAS Fixed Internal Wide Plug Connector and Figure SAS Free Internal Wide Cable Receptacle Connector

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