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I have two question about multiported logical units (eg disks).

If a logical unit is multiported, then should each of say the T10, EUI64
or NAA identification descriptors be different depending on which port
or 'path' the logical unit is accessed via?

For example, lets say I have a dual ported fibre channel disk.  I
connect one port to one HBA and the other port to another HBA and issue
INQUIRY commands to the disk requesting the device identifier VPD (page
0x83) via both HBA's. Should, say the reported T10 or EUI64
identification descriptors be identical or different?

My second question relates to VPD page code 0x80 (serial number) and a
multi ported logical unit. Should the serial number for a logical unit
be the same regardless of the access path? That is, is the serial number
of a logical unit bound to the logical unit or the logical unit and port
it is accessed via?

Thanks in advance


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