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Dear all,

It would be really nice if could be addressed the problem of walking the
history of the remapping. This capability is required for disc content
recovery on crash. Due to the change of the sequence in which LBAs are
recorded with LJR, legacy algorithm for UDF VAT recovery (walking back the
LBAs starting for the LRA until you find a VAT ICB pointing to a file system
with closed integrity) is no more working.

I suggest we had to the Read Disc Structure this ability, if needed
increasing the version of the layer jump recording feature, so recovery may
walk the history of what has being remapped to LRA (typically, a VAT ICB,
which will point to a point of history of the file system). However, my
choice of command might not be suitable, then pardon my software/host point
of view imperfection and let me know where/how device folks think we should
do it. Which command does not really matter to me, what matters is the
capability to walk the history of remapping.

Note that this capability makes sense only in a recorder, as the host will
want to repair (aka write) the file system just after it founds in the
history of the remapping the newest valid file system.

Best regards,

David Burg

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Dear all,

During the period of these weeks, I have got a lot of comments from Ai-san
(Panasonic), Suzuki-san (NEC) and Kimura-san (Toshiba) and others.
Thank you for your valuable inputs to improve the quality of the

There are many updates especially for DVD-R Dual Layer model section.
Almost changes are editorial corrections or reconstruction but technical
error corrections are also included.
I think it is necessary to extend the review period due to these many

Fortunately we will have face to face Fuji meeting in Colorado. I would
like to confirm the changes applied between rev.0.9 and rev.0.91.
Any comment on Rev. 0.91 is also welcome.

Mt.Fuji Ver.6 Rev.0.91 is available as:

If you wish to see the difference from Fuji6r08.pdf and Fuji6r09.pdf,

are also available.

Kind Regards,
Takeshi Kohda

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