About Invisible RZone in Format4 RMD Filed4

Takaharu Ai ai.takaharu at jp.panasonic.com
Sun Jun 5 21:56:30 PDT 2005

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Hello Akahoshi-san,

My understanding is that all the Invisible RZone related fields
including Jump interval field must be set to all 00h to indicate those
fields are invalid. I think we should assume no Invisible RZone exists
on the disc.

But there is another question.

Which number shall I set to Invisible RZone number field if Invisible
RZone does not exist on the disc?

Takaharu Ai
Panasonic AVC Networks Company
Osaka, Japan

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>Subject: About Invisible RZone in Format4 RMD Filed4
> Katata-san,
> I have a question about DVD-R DL.
> If all capacity is reserved as one RZone with Format4, 
> which value should be set as “***** of  Invisible RZone” 
> in Format4 RMD Filed4.
> (The RZone is not Invisible any more.)
> Best regards,
> ---------------
> Kenji Akahoshi

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