MMC-5 Drafts 1c, 1d, ... until 2

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Wed Jul 20 06:14:49 PDT 2005

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We are attempting to produce an acceptable version of MMC-5 in increments.

I reduced rev 1c to clauses 1-4.  We did a detailed review through 4.1
during the MMC WG meeting last week.  I will post 1d soon and it will be
similarly abbreviated.  1b was seriously incomplete without "looking"
incomplete.  Sure we have the disclaimer on the front page, but I am
concerned anyway.

The plan is as follows:
1. The editor will post a proposed 1d that is abbreviated similarly to 1c
but with the changes specified in the meeting minutes.
2. Unkonwns are expected by the end of August.  Prior to the next MMC WG in
September, I will have all of the material for a version 2.  It will still
be wrong, but it will be complete and wrong.

Bill McFerrin

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