July 2005 T10 hotel issues

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Thu Jul 14 14:45:30 PDT 2005

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If you did not attend the July 2005 T10 meetings, please ignore this message.

If you were unable to stay in the Antler's Hilton hotel because you were told the room block was full BEFORE the cutoff date (June 10, 2005), please reply to me (not the reflector) with as many details as you remember. I will summarize the issues so the hotel can correct the problems with their reservations system.

If you stayed at the Antler's hotel and were charged $7.00/night to park in their garage, the hotel will remove this charge from your bill. Parking was supposed to be included in the LSI/T10 group rate. Please call the hotel at 719-955-5600 and request a revised bill. They will fax it to  you.

Thanks for attending!

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