Should SPC-4 reference ANSI/IEEE 1212-2001 instead of ANSI/IEEE 1212-1994?

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Thu Jul 7 14:01:58 PDT 2005

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The ANSI Editor has asked that T10 consider whether the reference to
ANSI/IEEE 1212-1994 should be replaced by a reference to ANSI/IEEE
1212-2001 for the purpose of defining the Directory ID field contents
 in the  EUI-64 based 12-byte identifier (nee designator) format.

Reference 329 (PDF page 355) in:

The ANSI Editor's comments are as follows:

} Database, ANSI/IEEE 1212-1994 was superseded by ANSI/IEEE 1212-2001. 
} from the scope of that standard, ISO/IEC 13213:1994 was also probably 
} We cannot change the reference without causing a substantive change. 
} the committee should be aware of this for future revisions. (The 
standard is
} mentioned in the text in

Please be prepared to discuss this question at the CAP WG meeting
next week.



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