Request to have another Mt. Fuji Meeting

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Dear all,

Is the Mt Fuji plenary meeting on July 11th still actual? Will it be hosted
also in the Doubletree World Arena Hotel?

I am confused because I did not receive the additional information from
Toshiba-san which Tanikawa-san announced, and because Bill Mc Ferrin
announced last week that the MMC meeting on 12th and 13th will be shared
with Mt Fuji with a very busy schedule. My feeling is that it would be wiser
to have 3 days of meeting total, given the many items on our agenda.

Best regards,

David Burg,
Nero AG.

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Dear All of Mt.Fuji Members,

According to discuss the AACS issue, we are going to hold Mt.Fuji Plenary
meeting on July 11th in Colorado Springs.
Information regarding meeting facility and starting time will be informed
|from TOSHIBA soon.

Best Regards,

Toshiro Tanikawa

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Dear Tanikawa-san,

Thank you for the response.

According to your suggestion, Toshiba is willing to host the Mt. Fuji
meeting on July 11th at the same or near place with the MMC meeting in
Colorado Springs, CO. I will post meeting logistics when it is settled,
but it may take a few days.

Best Regards,
Atsushi Ishihara, Toshiba

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>Subject: Re: Request to have another Mt. Fuji Meeting
>Dear Ishihara-san,
>To have a Mt.Fuji meeting between the July 5th and 11th, we do not have so
>many choices.
>If people who attend to the AACS SWG will also attend to Mt.Fuji plenary,
>we better to hold a meeting at just after the SWG (July 6th) in Japan.
>Second choice is hold the Mt.Fuji plenary at just before the MMC meeting
>(July 11th) in U.S..
>Third choice is ask to Bill for giving the half day on July 12th for
>First case, not many U.S. people can attend to the plenary.
>Second case, we need to looking for the meeting facility.
>Third case, we need Bill's acceptance and close the meeting as short as
>I would like to recommend the second case and wants to ask TOSHIBA-san to
>preparer the meeting facility at near the MMC plenary.
>Let me know your opinion.
>Best Regards,
>Toshiro Tanikawa

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>Dear Tanikawa-san,
>As you may already know, the AACS group notified the DVD Forum at the
>WG-9 meeting held on June 14th that the AACS drive authentication will
>be changed to a two-way method instead of currently specified one-way
>method. In response to this change, the Mt. Fuji draft specification
>need to be modified accordingly and I would take the editor's role for
>the modification. Because I understand the modofication need to be input
>to MMC by the next MMC meeting that is supposed to be held in the week
>of July 11th, would it be possible to have a Mt. Fuji meeting before the
>next MMC meeting? Because I am planning to have an AACS SWG on July 5th
>in Tokyo, a date after July 5th and bofore the MMC meeting is most
>Thank you for your consideration, in advance.
>Best Regards,
>Atsushi Ishihara, Toshiba

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