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Hi all,

We can agree with the proposal from Katata-san.

Kenji Tokumitsu
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Hi all,
Here is my action item about DVD Read Feature.


How to show the device reading capability for variouse disc type?

      Feature 001Fh: DVD Read
      Version is changed to 1.
      Additional Length is changed to 4.
      Bit 0 of Byte 4 is "DVD Multi".
      Bit 0 of Byte 6 is "Dual-R".

"DVD Multi" means that device has reading capability that comply to "DVD
Multi Specification Ver 1.1."
Bit 7-1 of Byte 4 and Byte 5 are reserved for future "DVD Multi
Specification Versions". When new version is released, new bit is assigned.
We may not have so many of versions.

"Dual-R" means that device has reading capability of Remapping Dual-R disc.
When new other dual is added, new bit on Byte 6 may be assigned.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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