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In SAS1.1-r7, section 6.8, the last sentence in the paragraph 
describing the state machine variable COMWAKE_Received 
says: "Any transition to SP0: OOB_COMINIT shall set 
COMWAKE_Received to zero."

In SAS1.1-r7, SP0:OOB_COMINIT section, 4th paragraph says:
"Entry into this state due to power on shall set the ATTACHED
SATA PORT SELECTOR bit to zero in the DISCOVER response, and
shall set the COMWAKE_Received state machine variable to 

  1) Which 'shall' is to be followed:  
       a) clear COMWAKE_Received on "any transition to 
          SP0" ?
       b) clear COMWAKE_Received on entry into SPO 
          "due to power on" (i.e. only from a 
          powering on cycle) ?   
  2) Is the other signal, ATTACHED SATA PORT SELECTOR
     (mentioned in section, 4th paragraph), 
     to be cleared on "entry .... due to power on" 
     described correct (versus clearing on any 
     transition) ...OR... should it be cleared on 
     "any transition to SP0" also ? 

==> The answer & clearification should be included in 
    the next/final revision (r8?) of the SAS1.1 draft.

Regards, Henry 

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