obsolete RAC bit and BUSY TIMEOUT PERIOD field in SPC-3

Elliott, Robert (Server Storage) elliott at hp.com
Thu Jan 20 18:29:53 PST 2005

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During SPC-3 letter ballot resolution, the following fields in the
Control mode page are under discussion for being marked obsolete:
1. RAC (Report a Check) bit 

Any objections to doing so?

The current definitions are:

The report a check (RAC) bit provides control of reporting
long busy conditions or CHECK CONDITION status. A RAC bit
set to one specifies that a CHECK CONDITION status should
be reported rather than a long busy condition (e.g., longer
than the busy timeout period). A RAC bit set to zero
specifies that long busy conditions (e.g., busy condition 
during auto contingent allegiance) may be reported.

The BUSY TIMEOUT PERIOD field specifies the maximum time,
in 100 milliseconds increments, that the application client
allows for the device server to remain busy for
unanticipated conditions that are not a routine part of
commands from the application client. This value may be
rounded down as defined in 5.4. A 0000h value in this
field is undefined by this standard. An FFFFh value in
this field is defined as an unlimited period.

Rob Elliott, HP Server Storage
elliott at hp.com 

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