spc3r21c.pdf tupo kib != KiB

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Thu Jan 20 05:53:32 PST 2005

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>>> The phrase "one kibibit is 1 Kib is 1 024 bits" appears in
> Further, under recent practices I've seen in the industry for TiB for 
> one trillion and TB for 2**40, won't Kib or kiB be somewhat out of 
> step and confusing?


I trust you agree the http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/binary.html 
that Bob & I cited defines Ti Gi Mi Ki to mean 2 raised to the powers 
40 30 20 10, together with T G M K defined to mean 10 raised to the 
powers 12 9 6 3, helpfully situated near the pun of "mebibytes" 
pronounced like "may be bytes".  Me, I'm now guessing in spc3r21c.pdf 
there's some assymetry near the phrase "one kibibit is 1 Kib is 1 024 
bits"  that originally misled my eye, but I haven't found it again yet. 
  Also now I notice my English and theirs collides: by 40 30 20 10 I 
mean a list of four numbers, by their 1 024 they mean one number of 
four digits, not two numbers in a list.


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