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now also exists.
Since r1, the solid state data has divided into mode, log, and VPD
pages, one each.  But now in r2 we have a VPD page proposed in detail:
about as many fields as the mode page of 04-362r0, but now subdivided
into Four categories:

1. medium volatility
2. medium speed
3. medium structure
4. medium identity

Enjoy, Pat LaVarre

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The nine uploads listed at with the date
"2005/01/17" now include:
SBC-2: Proposal for USB Solid State Drive Mode Sense specification
Martin R. Furuhjelm PDF (34597) 2005/01/17

Work clearly remains, but I hope in that draft we can see reflected the
November comments asking for a division into three parts: mode page, log
page, and VPD page.

Kudos to John L & co. for programming enough to make the
upload-from-member process remarkably automagic.


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I'm writing now only to cancel the questions I left open in this thread:
offline I collected answers the committee might accept.  Please stay
tuned for a new draft.

Pat LaVarre
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