March 2005 MMC Meeting Announcement

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Wed Feb 23 20:47:33 PST 2005

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The March 2005 MMC meeting will share time with the Mt Fuji group over a 3
day period.  We have several new proposals and some updates to old
proposals.  If there are any proposals not on the list below, please
announce as soon as possible.  The 2 week rule applies to formal voting and
is not applicable to new proposals.  However, we would appreciate that any
new proposal appear on the T10 website as soon as possible together with an
an e-mail to the reflector announcing your intentions.

So far, our agenda includes the following items:

1. (Near) Final versions of BD-ROM, BD-RE, and BD-R commands.
2. Proposal extending DVD+RW commands to include DVD+RW Double Layer.
3. Proposal for DVD-R dual layer commands.
4. Proposal for HD DVD commands.
5. Proposal for AACS commands.
6. Proposal for BD CPS commands.
7. Proposal for Timely and Safe Recording (TSR)

It will be difficult to cover all of this material in the time alloted, so
the meetings may go long each day.

Kind Regards,
Bill McFerrin

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