Late SPC-3 Letter Ballot comments

Ralph O. Weber roweber at
Mon Feb 21 21:19:50 PST 2005

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In response to 5 very late Letter Ballot comments regarding
SPC-3, I have loaded a new comments resolution document
containing all 5.

The only thing new in r5 is the 5 comments Other 29 .. Other 33.

The first two are editorial nits, but they are marked Unresolved
so that nobody thinks any last minute hanky-panky is going on.

I have also uploaded a proposed rewrite of subclause 5.2 that
seems to be needed to address a handful of SPC-3 Letter Ballot

I anticipate that CAP will want to wordsmith 05-072 before it
gets incorporated in the SPC-3 Letter Ballot comment resolution.
You all wanted some entertainment in Dana Point, didn't you?

All the best,


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