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Mon Feb 21 20:29:40 PST 2005

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Dear all,

I will represent Nero AG to the next joined meeting and would like to
present 'Timely and Safe Recording', a command set proposal for a recording
method allowing faster recording on media using hardware defect management.
The main benefits are to drastically reduce the amount of time expensive
write-to-verify and verify-to-write transitions, plus to group the defect
management to avoid repeated seeks from original recording position to spare
area when a defective area is actually found.

The proposal applies to all kind of data and recording model (video and
other streaming, PC mastering software, PC packet writing software, CE

I will unfortunately not be able to come to the HD-DVD SWG this week to
present this material, but I would warmly welcome a review of the document
by HD-DVD people as this idea should be helpful for this media type.

Questions and comments are welcome, both to the reflector or per direct
e-mail. Request for clarification or correction are best if sent before the
meeting, so the document can be corrected in time.

Nero would like to avoid the verify-less and verify not required techniques,
as they are prone to error and contrary to the verify recommendation that
should be follow for rewritable media. Loosing the user's data is something
we should not allow ourselves (on media claiming hardware defect

Best regards,

David Burg

David Burg
Software Development,
InCD and Low Level Drivers Project Leader

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