SSC-3: mixing 4-byte vs. 8-byte commands inherent DI issue

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For block devices (SBC-2) the 4-byte LBA command is terminated in such a
situation. That might also be the right approach for tapes.
"4.4 Logical blocks
If a command is received that references or attempts to access a logical
block not within the capacity of the medium, the device server
terminates the command with CHECK CONDITION status with the sense key
set to ILLEGAL REQUEST and the additional sense code set to LOGICAL
BLOCK ADDRESS OUT OF RANGE. The command may be terminated before
processing or after the device server has transferred some or all of the
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	Subject: SSC-3: mixing 4-byte vs. 8-byte commands inherent DI

	I believe there is an inherent Data Integrity issue when mixing
4-byte commands with 8-byte commands.  I do not think that SSC-3
addresses this. 
	As an example, if we locate to 4-byte max + n then do a Read
Position with the short form we get only n (if implementation wraps the
value) or some other incomplete LBA. 
	Would you add this topic to SSC-3 WG agenda? 
	How do we address this issue of intermixing 4-byte and 8-byte
LBA value commands in SSC-3? 
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