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Hi, Ralph.

This is a request to accept a late letter ballot comment for SPC-3.

SPC-3 rev 21c, Table D.2 (PDF pages 425 and 427) shows that the four
RELEASE(6,10) and RESERVE(6,10) commands are listed as M (mandatory) for
sequential access devices and cites SSC-2.  There's nothing in SSC-2 that
even refers to these commands by name, much less makes them mandatory.  It
looks like this slipped through review.  One company used the SPC-2 version
of this table in deciding which commands were mandatory for sequential
devices, rather than using SSC.  I'd hate for this to propagate, and thus
would like to see it fixed in SPC-3.

Suggested change:

Change "M" to "Z" (obsolete) for each command for the T - SEQUENTIAL ACCESS
DEVICE (SSC-2) column.

Thanks very much,

Paul Suhler
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