SAS: SLCC response to open_connection_msg in CC6

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Refering to Rev 8 of the SAS 1.1 spec, says that any message received by a state not referred to by the description of that state shall be ignored.

There are severl case in the spec that if the state machine does not remember that a message came in, that the state machine will not work.

One such case is when a open_connection_msg from the pl is received in CC6::BREAK. This coul be becuase the PL wants to retry from the previous connection_closed_break_recieved msg. In this case the open_connection will be ignored, and we we get back to IDLE it will not open a new connection.

Similiarly, CC3 says to ignore any close_received_msg's that come in in that state, but if you do the state machine will hang later on in CC4. You need to remember that a close_received_msg came in in CC3 so when you get to CC4 you don't wait for a close_received_msg that will never show up.

Either the spec should state which messages should be remembered as a general category or we will have to deal with each of these specal messages on a state by state case.


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