SPC-3 Letter Ballot comment resolutions r4 posted

Ralph O. Weber roweber at IEEE.org
Tue Feb 15 05:00:21 PST 2005

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The latest SPC-3 letter ballot comment resolution document
is posted as:


Two companion documents are also posted:

  SPC-3 r21d containing all the changes to date

  A FDF file showing all the changes proposed in
  response to the letter ballot

Warning: The FDF file imports into SPC-3 r21 (not r21d).

There are 16 comments that need discussion in CAP, plus
another 14 comments that will be resolved by whatever
gets decided for the first 16.

In January, the CAP working group and special comments
resolution meetings made mincemeat of 176 comments.
There is no reason to expect that a mere 16 comments
are going to stymie CAP for long. A plenary motion to
forward to public review should be anticipated.

If you have been postponing a careful look at the SPC-3
letter ballot comments resolutions, now would be a good
time to stop procrastinating.

Also, the following companies need to be considering
whether they are ready to change their No votes to Yes:

   Hewlett Packard

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