SAS protocol WG teleconference Wed 10am Central (maybe)

Elliott, Robert (Server Storage) elliott at
Mon Feb 14 17:27:51 PST 2005

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Per the last T10 plenary, there is a SAS protocol WG teleconference
scheduled on Wednesday at 10am Central (8am Pacific).

  Phone: 866-639-4721 or 574-948-0372
  Participant code: 5185037
Webex (courtesy Bob Sheffield, Intel):
  Web site:
  Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 
  Duration: 3 hours 
  Meeting number: 823309908 
  Meeting password: sascsi11! 

However, there's not much to go over.

The only updated proposal affecting SAS-1.1 so far is:
 05-058r0 - COMWAKE Received clarification (Bob Sheffield, Intel)

If you have any topics to discuss, let me know by Tuesday morning.  I'll
post a message Tuesday afternoon indicating whether or not the
teleconference is happening.

Rob Elliott, elliott at 
Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology 


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