MMC-5 revision 1b has been uploaded

Bill McFerrin billmc at
Wed Feb 2 11:26:29 PST 2005

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* "Bill McFerrin" <billmc at>
I have prepared MMC5R01B and uploaded it to he T10 website.

Changes and new material:
1. Some details associated with Double Layer DVD+R were missing.  It is now
2. A new model section was added for content protection.  VCPS for DVD+R/+RW
was detailed.  We'll also want to add details for the other content
protection systems.
3. Other VCPS details, feature, commands, etc. has been included.
4. The newest model section for BD-R was added.
5. Features and proiles for BD were updated according to the BD-R documents
disclosed during our last meeting.

Please review at your convenience.

Kind Regards,
Bill McFerrin

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