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Dear Katata-san and all,

1. Fuji6 Rev.0.99
   This document seems to be good.
   However, I have a question to this document.
   The model section of Fuji doesn't have a description about the BD but Fuji has a description about 16 BDs to another chapter.
   I think that this description is kind.
   However, will these 16 BD items be the description which Fuji needs?
   The Fuji6 document is special about the handling of DVD+RW/R, too.
   The model section of Fuji6 doesn't have a description about DVD+RW/R.
   Then, Feature has a description about DVD+RW/R.
   However, WriteProtect-Feature lacks a description about DVD+RW/R.

   As for these points, will Fuji6 should be corrected?
   I think when these are not a technical items.
   Therefore, I want to approve "Fuji6 Rev. 1.0".

2. about Fuji7
   I accept a proposal about Fuji7.

Best Regards,
  Katsuki Hattori
  Senior Staff
  E-mail: Khattori at
  SANYO Electric Co. Ltd.
  Electric Devices Company   
  New OPT-BU, Marketing & Development Dept.

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> Hello all,
> I have two items.
> Fuji6 closing:
> There is no objection about "Confirmation of Link size 
> reporting (11/8)".
> So this issue has been closed.
> Today Kohda-san has uploaded Fuji6 Rev.0.99 to Fuji FTP. Rev. 
> 0.99 has one addition. Please refer to "17.24 READ DISC 
> STRUCTURE command" on page 559.
> At the second paragraph from the bottom of the page, "FFh" is 
> changed to
> "C0h- FFh". This was discussed in MMC5. I think this is not 
> technical change but a reservation of the code range for such 
> purposes in future use.
> I would like to propose that Fuji group starts the final 
> review of the document in a month and Fuji group starts the 
> final voting to approve the document as Fuji6 Rev. 1.00. The 
> end of voting is Dec. 26th. Please review the document and 
> check the technical items. If there is no problem, please 
> vote to 'Yes' till Dec. 26th. Of course, any comment to the 
> document is appreciated. If those comments were editorial 
> things, we may continue this voting by Dec. 26th.
> I believe that Fuji 6 activity is closed (officially it will 
> be Dec. 26th).
> Thank you for your participation. Many T10 members, thank you 
> for your assistance.
> Fuji7 opening:
> Toshiba has proposed to start Fuji7 in the last meeting at Austin, US.
> Currently, Fuji7 has two discussion items. They are new HD 
> DVD disc and DVD-RW Dual layer disc. So I would like to 
> propose to start Fuji7 today.
> I also would like to propose to use current Fuji email 
> reflector and current Fuji FTP site tentatively. Tentatively, 
> I will take chairmanship till the first Fuji7 plenary meeting.
> Toshiba will announce the first HD DVD SWG meeting of Fuji7 
> soon. After the SWG, I will call the first plenary Fuji7 
> meeting. (It may be in Japan.)
> Please prepare your project proposal if you have other than 
> above two items. Please post it to Fuji reflector.
> Best regards,
> Keiji Katata
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