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This revision has several changes:
(1) The Trusted commands are now blocked by reservations in the same manner
that read and write commands are blocked by reservations. This accomodates
need expressed by tape folks and doesn't impede the disk folks (general
feeling is that reservations are rarely used in disk subsystems).
(2) A new bit is added the the CDBs to indicate whether the Transfer
Length/ Allocation Length is expressed in increments of 512 bytes or
directly in bytes. The Transfer Length/ Allocation Length fields are
expanded to 4 bytes to accomodate the "1 byte increment" case. This feature
has also been requested during T10 meeting discussions.
(3) I added 4 more reserved bytes to the header for the Trusted In command,
Trusted Protocol = 00h, TP_Specific = 0000h case. This might be a good spot
to report things like whether the logical unit is locked or encrypted. I am
adding more bytes here now so there is plenty of space for future ideas
like this to be considered.

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