SPC-4 r01 Approved Propopsals List

Ralph O. Weber roweber at IEEE.org
Tue Aug 30 13:41:20 PDT 2005

* From the T10 Reflector (t10 at t10.org), posted by:
* "Ralph O. Weber" <roweber at ieee.org>
I am about to prepare SPC-4 r01.

My records indicate the following proposals have been approved
by T10 for incorporation in SPC-4:

04-198r5    Background Medium Scan
04-262r8    ATA Command Pass-Through
04-372r1    I_T NEXUS RESET task management function
04-397r3    SAT ATA control mode page proposal
05-003r3    VPD Page 83 Identifier s/b Designator Changes
05-015r2    Add new ADC-2 command to set Volume Identifier
05-074r1    SPC-4 Command requirements
05-230r0    Obsolete Per Initiator Port in SPC-4

If your favorite SPC-4 approved proposal is not in this list,
please let me know ASAP. Please include information about the
T10 Plenary at which you think the missing proposal was approved.

All the best,


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