SBC/SPC how to detect eject request?

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Wed Aug 17 09:54:46 PDT 2005

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David B:

> Glad to read that another host vendor stumbled
> on the issue. :-)
> So, is there hardware vendor(s) willing to
> address the issue in t10 non-vendor specific
> PDT 00h specification?

None that I know of.

We might persuade the vendors to gather around to exploit one of the
existing vendor-specific CDBs that Microsoft code sometimes sends.  We'd
first have to get people to list those.  Non-trivial politics.

> > :)  Fun, isn't it? ...
> >
> > Mac and much of Linux by design needs no
> > stinking eject button, as I imagine you know.
> ...
> The lack user friendliness of some operating
> systems regarding eject ability has always push
> me back from them. But hopefully this Linux/Mac
> 'by design' will change, one day.

Will Apple ever yield on no eject button?

Possibly yes.  I notice Apple has now given up defending the simplicity
of the one and only one mouse button.  I quote:


... you don't need two buttons - just two fingers.
Click on the left side
to use Mighty Mouse in its simplest, single-button form.
Click on the right to ...
it wouldn't be fair to call Mighty Mouse
a two-button mouse with one button.


Methinks she doth protest too much.

> > Will Apple ever yield on no eject button?
> >
> > Possibly yes.
Today I'd guess that Apple won't yield on no eject button: instead as an
industry we will come to agree to abandon this concept of denying eject

1) External drives usually do not wait on permission to remove the
media.  USB & FireWire in particular remove the media by unplugging the

2) Flash card readers usually do not wait on permission to remove the
media: instead they disconnect on eject.

3) ...

Pat LaVarre


> > If there were a standard, then there'd be an
> > app that said "please don't press that
> > button", whenever you were so rude as to do
> > so ...

A more useful app would drag the mounted volume away to eject it in
response to the user input of pressing a button, of course.  The eject
button should be as programmable as a mouse button, I agree.
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